Custom Built Beautiful Vintage Golf Cart


The Royale is a battery operated, eco-friendly vehicle that has no-noise, no-pollution and inexpensive running costs.

Unique Design

The Royale is not just designed to be comfortable but also made to look unique in its streamlined and vintage design.

Custom Branding

Customize the design and look of the Royale to match your brand and requirements. Our in-house design team will cater to your every request.

Customize your car, design your dream!

From the color of the car to the fittings built in – you decide what your Royale should do for you. With complete personalization options, your Royale is truly YOUR car. Call us today to know how we can build a custom Royale for you! View some of our add-on options below.

alloy wheels
leather dashboard
side & rear view mirrors
stereo system
rain cover

Our electric golf carts are fully customizable for your needs!

Because we make everything in our manufacturing plant, Speedways Electric can make golf carts and vehicles customized to your exact needs. From the color to the seating arrangement to even the added accessories – we are available to come up with creative solutions to your transportation problems.

Standard Features

  • 18-in turf tires
  • Headlights, taillights & brake lights
  • Horn
  • Canopy/detachable roof
  • Leather Dashboard
  • Mobile Charging Socke
  • State of Charge Meter
  • 48-volt onboard battery charger
  • Comfortable Cushioned Seating
  • Front Glass (half)
  • Floor Mats

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: L: 2450mm W: 1160mm H: 1800mm
  • Motor: 4kw
  • Climbing Capability 35% Safe
  • Steering Side Left Hand Drive
  • Tyre 18×8.50-8.00
  • Battery Type 6x8V-150ah
  • Passenger capacity 4
  • Range (loaded) >60kms
  • Max Speed 20km/h
  • Min. turning radius (m) 3.5
  • Max. climbing ability 25% safe

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